Service Level Agreement - Web Hosting

Service Description

The service provides for the provisioning of our hosting service.

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) sets out the levels of technical support and service credits available in the event of service unavailability and the limits of VTS Web Services's and the customer's responsibilities as regards the service.


Access to VTS Web Services's data centres is restricted to only authorised engineers. Security controls include proximity access cards, CCTV and 24 hour manned security.


VTS Web Services's data centres employ redundant power supply, UPS, generator back up and environmental controls with 24 hour live engineer monitoring.

Responsibilities of VTS Web Services

VTS Web Services will:

  • Provide a 100Mbps network connection to our servers
  • Provide power and UPS backup power to the shared server
  • Maintain 99% service availability. Availability is defined as the availability of the VTS Web Services hardware and network infrastructure provided between the shared server and the internet exchange
  • Maintain the hosting platform in an appropriate environment
  • Provide support to the customer during working hours for any service provided by VTS Web Services
  • Provide during the contract period of this service at no additional charge, DNS management for domain names registered through VTS Web Services and which are held on our name servers. DNS management including, adding/deleting and modifying domain name zone records and providing secondary DNS and or mail services.

Responsibilities of the customer

It is the customer's responsibility to:

  • Comply with VTS Web Services's Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Abide by the terms of use described in VTS Web Services's standard terms and conditions
  • Operate your hosting platform in such a way as to ensure the integrity and security of the server
  • Carry out any initial or ongoing web site design and or program configuration or ensure that your web developer carries this out
  • Install and maintain applications, scripts, databases or any computer program whatsoever ensuring applications are appropriately installed, configured and maintained
  • Ensure all necessary measures are taken to protect your hosting spacefrom hacking
  • Ensure licenses are held for any customer licensed software on the shared server

Suspension of Service

VTS Web Services reserves the right to remove or suspend any shared server should VTS Web Services determine, in its absolute discretion, that it in any way endangers our network or servers on our network. Events, which may cause such action, include but are not limited to:

  • shared server involved in a Denial of Service Attack
  • shared server is involved in any form of illegal activity.
  • shared server is hacked or otherwise compromised
  • shared server is in any way used inappropriately
  • shared server is causing network disruption however caused.
  • customer does not comply with VTS Web Services's Acceptable Use Policy
  • customer does not comply with VTS Web Services's terms and conditions

Planned and Emergency Downtime

VTS Web Services reserves the right to suspend service provision with no notice should emergency maintenance become necessary. For planned downtime, wherever possible VTS Web Services will inform the customer by posting the relevant information on the network status page

It is not anticipated that planned downtime will exceed more than 2hrs per calendar month and planned downtime is excluded from any calculation of availability.

Calculating Service Agreement Credits

Service Agreement Credits are applicable should the network become unavailable and can be calculated in the following manner:

Incident Start Time of a service being unavailable shall be defined and measured from the time the fault is detected by us or is reported to our support desk and a support call ticket has been created. This time will be taken from the time stamped email sent to you containing the support call ticket number.

]Incident End Time of a service being unavailable shall be deemed as the time at which the service can be demonstrated to be available by a PING command or that the support call ticket has been closed.

Total Outage Time shall be the period, or sum of multiple periods as applicable within any calendar month (excluding any period of planned downtime) from the Incident Start Time to the Incident End Time as outlined above.

Total Monthly Time Period is calculated by multiplying the 24 hours in each day by the average number of days in each calendar month (365 days per year, divided by twelve months = 30.42 days per month).

If, during any given calendar month the Total Outage Time is greater than 0.1% of the Total Monthly Time Period of the calendar month, then the service shall be deemed to have been unavailable for an unacceptable period. The customer shall be provided a credit against future service charges (on presentation of a written claim within 30 days of the first occurrence of the Outage) a sum equal to the amount of service charge pro-rated for the period of the Total Outage Time less the pro-rated sum for the first 0.1% of the given calendar month.

The provision of service credits is the sole compensation available to customers in the event the services are unavailable. This SLA is supplemental to VTS Web Services''s standard terms and conditions, which apply to all services supplied.

Backups and disaster recovery

In the event of a customer requiring a recovery from backup standard technical support call charges may be applied as detailed in our standard price list.

In the event that the customer approves the use of a VTS Web Services engineer to remedy any error in their web site design, code, scripts or any programs whatsoever then the customer is liable for the relevant charges incurred in resolving the problem.

Technical Support hours

Working hours are defined as follows:

Monday to Saturday 9.15am to 5.30pm for phone, email, ticket and live chat support. We aim for a 15 minute response to written communication during office hours
Monday to Saturday 5.30pm to 11pm email and ticket support only. We aim for a 60 minute response to written communication during this time
Sundays and Public holidays Emergency cover only via email or ticket. We aim for a 90 minute response to written communication during this time

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