Like any business, we understand the nature of cash flow and we aim to be as flexible as possible with our payment policy.

This document explains our approach to invoicing, payments and late payments.  

Invoices for the following services, web hosting, domain registration, SSL Certificates, Spam Expert Licenses, will be issued 30 days before the expiry of the service unless you are on shorter credit terms due to previous payment issues. 

Service cancellations must be made within one week of receiving the invoice otherwise full renewal fees are due as per the invoice

We do not offer credit terms for invoices for a longer period than 30 days

Reminders will usually be sent when possible one week and three days approximately before the payment is due. Occasionally a reminder may not be sent so it's important that you keep track of the due date. 

It is also your responsibility to tell us of changes to your contact details.

If payment is not made within 48 hours of the due date expiring, then a late payment fee of £10 may be applied to your account and the site is liable to be suspended (we will try and contact you first before this).

If suspended, then the site will remain on our servers in suspended state for two further weeks. After this point if payment is still not received, it will be removed from the servers. To have it reinstalled after this carries an additional £45 + VAT charge payable in advance.

Please note that if payments are consistently received after the due date, then this will lead to a reduction in the credit terms we can offer you.